The Mason's Wish.
The Mason's Wish. plan stories

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To be applied, to everyday life.

The Mason's Wish.

By: All F&AM, from all walks of life. From every part of the World.

Blessed Urania, grant me my desire, Thy humble votary with true love inspite, Thy sweet influence, to my mind impart, Bestow on me a kind, and gen'rous heart. Instruct me in the way I ought to go, Teach me to sympathize with others' woe;

Grant me a store, to yield distress relief, To stop the orphan's cry, the widow's grief, To clothe the naked, low, distress'd and poor, And feed the hungry traveller at my door.

Wisdom to use the talent of mind, All for the general good of all mankind; To check in embryo, each loose desire, Nor let one thought to wickedness aspire; With strength support me in each gen'rous deed, Lend thy assistance in the time of need;

When proud ambition crush the needy poor, Shew an asylum—send him to my door. In sweet content may I my days thus spend, Bless'd with a brother—and a real friend;

Nor would I dread what envious man could do, While I thy virtuous precepts did pursue; Whoe'er pursues this real masonic plan,

Will live belov'd, and die a happy man.

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