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Letter to my wife.


I'm just addicted to you. Addicted to how you loved to make me feel inside, when I use to come pick you up from your parents house.

I'm addicted to your smile, when I opened up the door and let you in. I'm addicted to the warmth of your amazing hands, grasping ahold of mine.

I'm addicted to your lovely soft kisses pressing against mine. I'm addicted to how you would always get ready in the car, when we use to have a date every single day.

I'm addicted to the way how you would stare at yourself in the visor mirror and always blushing when I would watch you. I'm addicted to the way how you would always make me smile.

But most of all, I'm addicted to the way how you truly taught me how to love. When I told you, you saved my life when we first got together I wasn't lying.

Because I didn't know what love was, I didn't know how to love myself, nor anybody else, and especially anything else. That's how I know you are my first love.

Because, I would love to spend eternity, just falling in love with you, over and over again. I died in Hell, and this is my heaven.

Simply just having another chance, to fall back in love with you all over again. It took living in Hell, then literally walking through Hell. Then coming back, to bring this gift to you.

It's not that great, and looks like shit. Smells bad, and torn all over. What God did, and Jesus forgave.

Made me realize, that there is nothing no more torturing for a simple man, than watching him put his self through immortal Hell for eternity alone facing the fears of other's...

Just to show the ones he loves the most, exactly how much they really mean to him. And how much he loves them. And to truly show them, the price it takes to rise again.

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