Feathers (part 1)
Feathers (part 1) poem stories

lovebourne Self-proclaimed Philosopher, Author&Poet
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A free verse poem I wrote a while back. A little bit too long and it's honestly just a massive outpour lol. It was definitely fun writing this though.

Feathers (part 1)

Featherless, I was a naked bird against the world

I had no horns nor thorns with which to defend myself

The world was so vast, and yet I am small

Anytime, I feel like I could so easily fall

Weak and afraid, I reach out my hand

Up into the brightness

Lights from above

Inside the unknown, a place I couldnt even see

I sought out a utopia, a safe haven just for me

Oh, do you still remember?

That's when your warmth first touched my skin

For it was your hand that reached back out

It pulled me up and carried me away

We rode of into the sunset and you showed me the world

Your world

Ugly, beauty, roses, and thorns

I open my eyes and behold the sights

And in my eyes beholden, a reflection of that which I see

But somewhere within my eyelids, I knew

Something was missing

I could not truly see

In such a time, it was you who bestowed upon me

The world and all its colors

The beautiful shapes

The vast landscapes

And the foggy mist that concealed the rest

O, I thank you for these glasses

Lenses that are clear and holy

An extension, a part of me

Lost in awe and wonder

Countless thoughts I have pondered

Sophisticated, my mind becomes

Grow wiser as my wings open up

Desiring for the sky

Frantic, it flaps, with a strong desire to fly

And my feathers, they've begun to take root and sprout

Soft to the touch, hard against the wind

A shelter from my senses overwhelmed

Blooming even in this heavy rain

But to fly is to fall

Surely you must know

These feathers are wild, untamed

Help me wield then in a way filled with wonder

I feel the sensation of your fingers against my feathers...

Beautiful are they not?

Like flowers blossoming in a garden

Please, water them with your love so that they may grow

But in your arms they instead withered

Ripped from the bud

The ground that is my skin

I feel the pain of my petals

That never got the chance to blossom

I am saddened, confused


Yet you still took me in with patience

Even as my emotions boiled over

Threatening to rebel

You held me in your arms and cried

Trying so very hard to make me understand

Those feathers were ugly, they were sinful

It was for my own sake that you ripped them out

Yet I was a child who simply lashed out

Your benevolence I mistook for malice

Not realizing that all you've ever done was for my sake

From myself

I bow my head in shame

"I'm sorry" I say

And with a regretful heart I smile

And thank you for all that you've done

For this little child who knew nothing

A selfish bird that wanted to fly

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