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A story/poem about how blue was blue, and pink was pink.

pink and blue

Such familiar colors

Colors that seems to dictate and form our existence and ways of going about

If something comes in a pink version, it will likely be made blue

If something comes in a blue version, it will likely be made pink

That's because if you are pink, you are not allowed to play with the blue version If you are blue, you are not allowed to play with the pink version

Everyone, when coming to exist and discover reality, is either painted pink or blue

It can be really hard to wash away

Because people will always use the fact that you are pink or blue to their advantage

At first, the paint is wet, and the pinks and blues haven't figured out that something is wrong

They go on, feeling odd, but it is brushed away to the wind

"Everyone must feel this," they think, and they go off and run away from reality and its cruelty

And when they find out they were painted the wrong color, they spiral, because their world isn't how they want to see it

They want to see the shining stars, and the glistening rain, and the puffy clouds, and the warm coffee, and the loving people

Instead, they see a world built off of programming to be this or to be that, not anything else it feels suffocating

And pink hates being called pink Blue hates being called blue

Pink likes being called blue Blue likes being called pink

Pink hides it and smiles through the sadness when they are called pink Blue tries to shove it away, in hopes that they can finally be happy They can't tell anyone

Because pink is actually blue and blue is actually pink

They finally step out and tell all the pinks and blues that they are going to repaint themselves

Pink takes a big paintbrush and delicately brushes on the blue, smiling at the feelings of the new color on their skin Blue dumps the bucket on their head, feeling the pink flush around them and laugh as they finally express how they feel

And even though blue is blue, and pink is pink, the other blues and pinks get angry

They take their own buckets of paint, and begin to paint blue and pink themselves

Blue cries out as the pinks splash them with bright paint, covering up their work they tried to achieve Pink begins to cower as the blues pull out brushes and wave them dangerously close to the fresh coat of pink that glitters and shines

And after it's done, blue and pink are on the ground Blue is mixed with splotches of pink Pink is covered in spots of blue that litter their body

And so they pick themselves off the ground

Blue steps into a glittering pond and watches as all the pink washes away, leaving the blue Pink jumps in and lets the water surround their body, the blue disappearing

The two resurface, and they are still blue and pink The other pinks and blues are gone, and they can finally wash away the insecurities Other pinks that were painted blue, and blues that were painted pink step into the cool pond and wash away the other color

Because no matter what, even when the others splashed them with the hate and the aggression that made them fall they got up

Because blue was blue, and pink was pink

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