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love_isaac Just some thoughts really.
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paper planes soar back and forth between young souls.

paper planes

soaring, a story they tell, words with, love letters, and thoughts on a page

catching, does the receiver, as they open the page, expectantly, looking for the paragraphs

the wind, carries letters, of love, of sorrow, of friendship, of forgetting

the water, looks up, at the paper planes, flying and drifting, to a destination unknown

pencils, scribble replies, as paper folds, ready to fly, wherever next

night, dark winds, pull planes, as daytime dreams, push along

thoughts, spilled on the paper, like milk, on a table, and it feels the same

wishes, travel long distances, even though, some say, otherwise

grin, what they do, as windows open for paper to fly through, into their hands

intimacy, in every word, in every delivery, in every throw, in every one received

paper planes, come and go, but not like, paper planes, that have messages, of young souls

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