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love_isaac Just some thoughts really.
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"A blooming rose, thoughtful drizzle,

A welting flower, angry rain".


A small thought, nothing more

A large feeling, something else

A tiny hole, insignificant

A giant gap, something wrong

Flowing water, children's laughter

Rushing tides, screams of terror

Whisping breeze, strong dreams

Harsh air, no feelings

A blooming rose, thoughtful drizzle

A welting flower, angry rain

A large hand, shining and clean

A tiny palm, signs of damage

A new smile, hope and wonder

An ancient smirk, anger and hatred

A twinkling star, a mother's love

A cold explosion, the blood of young

A lively road, signs of wear

A ghost town, abandoned without care

A canopy alive, souls are singing

A dead ground, children are weeping

A pearly seashell, the sighs of perseverance

A jagged rock, the groans of surrender

Light through a window, the house is creaking

A dark shroud, the building is falling

The scent of love, wishes breathing

The sound of sadness, stars are breaking

The world is beautiful, can't you see?

This realty is dark, filled with grief

And through all the love, all the pain

You have yet to find what I'm trying to say

Go ahead, take a crack, and if you are lucky, if you look hard enough, then you may just see,

The reason why I need them, and they will need me. Who are we?

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