invisible pain
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love_isaacJust some thoughts really.
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Heartache, a burning that can't be described with something as mild as fire.

invisible pain

it sits in your chest, drowning out the silence that is the air

it carves open a new side of you, a side you never wanted to meet

the cold desires of your brain overwhelm you, and you want to run into an endless void

your hands shake as you look at them as if they were from another world, the beads of liquid falling from your forehead into a salty ocean of dryness

your eyes scream "help me"

your tears bleed out the emotions you want to convey, but can't

your legs feel like silver pots and pans, clanking as you try to stand

your hair feels dry and lifeless, even though it used to shine and bounce in the light

your mouth speaks emotions that your eyes should be telling, and your eyes say words that your mouth should be sending

your ears hear too much yet too little at the same time

the people around say sweet nothings, as if it will make up for the pain you feel in the moment they don't understand

your chest is the worst, because it speaks more than your brain or your mouth ever could

your chest can barely move up and down, let alone love

your heart burns with the pain of a million wilted roses,

your feelings fall and scatter like the ashes of a forgotten world

your sobbing echoes throughout the loveless world, you forgot how to contain it people stopped telling you how

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