dead feelings
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love_isaac Just some thoughts really.
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You didn't love me when you were alive, so I won't love you when you're dead.

dead feelings

I walk, slowly silently in my mind, when my shoes, make sound anyway

flowers, invade my senses my breaths my eyes, my skin my everything

cries, they surround me I feel sympathy, to no extent

I sit, and watch the casket, with blank eyes waiting, for no movement

stomach churns, as I heave wildly fiery breaths, with no energy

I stand, my emotions as stuck, as my feet to the floor

leaning, I look at the face your face, still with the same roar, as before

I set fire, to your casket and watch, as flames consume my memories

even dead, you still don't love me when I waited, so long when you were alive

why couldn't, I see the scars you left, before?

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