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love_isaac Just some thoughts really.
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when a feeling turns to a thought and a thought turns to a scream

broken words

my mouth is dry with emotion I gaze into the abyss, unmoved

darkness envelopes the soul, my soul, sucking away to no end

the prison tightens with mass hatred the dark becomes the only color

I try to imagine an escape I try to imagine a gateway to somewhere new, a sunrise over a joyful ocean

meaningless pools inside, filling the gaps in my heart

tar drips down my cold fingertips, dragging my body into the lake of the forgotten

my lungs burn as I breath in the smog of the crisp ashes left behind by fallen stars

looking ahead, the emptiness curves to a dark tunnel, a hole into nothing and everything

I feel the feelings stirring inside me I hear the need, the lust to rupture and fall

my bones clatter like the forgotten sounds of a busy kitchen, a busy home

my nails dig into the deep tar as I crawl

I crawl I crawl I crawl

my eyes roll and sink away, hiding from the truth I forget their color everything is monochrome

I feel the whispers of the dead, beckoning me to dip down and leave I hear the cruel laughter of the loved, tearing me, scarring me

I try to speak, I try to defend, but I can only look

I can't hear the voices, they only speak in touch anymore

my skin fades, my bones darken I turn to nothing but a forgotten spirit

my throat aches as I wrap my hands to choke it, to try to utter a measly sound

the whispers feel louder, I can see them digging their claws in my flesh, holding me to the dark earth

my pain is shown through my body, yet no one is looking I can't speak

I bleed out my tears, and I pry my mouth open with my shredded hands, looking to scream and find my way out

nothing comes from my cracked mouth the words would be broken anyway

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