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love_isaac Just some thoughts really.
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a breaking point may not always be a snap or a scream. Maybe, it can be deadlier.

breaking point

speaking gently, a whisper in a mic, her voice

scraping roughly, a thought, turns to, emotion

they don't hear her, the sweet nothings, the talks, but I do

they don't hear, the laughs, they sound hearty, but too cruel

they don't feel, the brushes, the touches, that I wince at

they don't feel, the pain, deep in my chest, I can't find a shovel

they don't see, the rivers on my skin, they don't see, the bugs, crawling under, my arms

heart beats louder, yet I can hear my voice getting softer, hers intensifies, I feel my breaking point

I can't hear, any more, only the voice, in my thoughts

I can't see, the beauty anymore, only the dark, my eyes are covered

I can't feel, anymore, I'm scared Then I remember, I can't feel

the hands, take me slowly, I can't yell, I can't scream, only watch patiently

my mother always said, the breaking point is the true fall, but if that's true, why aren't I moving?

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