bloody perception
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love_isaacJust some thoughts really.
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the most dangerous illusions are the ones that take form of a human.

bloody perception

eyes clouded, I look at her, laughing, crying

she pulls me along, I follow I wonder if she is here to stay, my chest pounds in fear and anticipation

her black hair bobs off her shoulders fiercely

the glitter on her eyelids make the lights dance upon her

she whispers in my ear, I hear her, but I don't listen my mind is too clouded, I can't feel the words I only sense the raspy air flowing from her lips

a hand grazes my arm, and when I look at her, I only see the malicious smile my skin burns intensely

the intention is unclear, I can only see the lights, see the colors,

a witch, she claims to be I only see a dragon lying in wait, strategizing, expecting

she's poison, yet I can't seem to let go maybe that's why she's so lethal

her red nails bore into my skin I try to react, I try to yelp, but I am hushed by a pale hand

her eyes are behind a cloud of uncertainty, veiling true intent, concealing the end

I only see the upward turn of her apple lips, I only hear the thin laughter from her mouth

a dark alleyway beckons me to follow she beckons me to follow, I can't move my feet

the world is hazy, the brick walls are rupturing with intensity, as all I hear is her monochrome chuckles

her sharp hands pull me in, draw me towards the non-existent end of the alley I pull away, crimson blood dripping down my arms and to my trembling hands

she looks back, her green locks swishing as she grins, laughing again as she sinks away into the narrow passage I could have sworn her hair was a midnight sky

I reach out, but her body is gone, leaving nothing but a sorrow silhouette and a slim trail of my blood, the blood that was still on her fingertips

marks gleam and burn on the surface of my skin where she touched me my skin saps as I look back, wondering, wishing

I never saw her eyes probably best, the thought of uncovering what may have been beneath chills me

I drift down an endless sidewalk, reality hazy, sounds and colors fading and intensifying to normal volumes

she was dangerous, a vision she was a dangerous, vague perception

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