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louliulee Community member
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I tried writing a poem about my depression. I have been asking myself how i can express the emotions and suffering i go trough. So i came up with writing it in a littke story. (every character/characters in the story represent someone or something in my life)

By: LouLiuLee

Box Of Darkness

by LouLiuLee

Imagine being locked in a box. Knees bend,arms crossed and head to your chest. You are stuck and can no longer breath.

All of a sudden you see a light, you see a figure smiling, telling you it will be okay.

You leave the box and run. You feel free, but the figure is no longer there.

Then you feel something dark and heavy on you, you try to get it off but it won't move. You lift it up away from the chance of smaching you flat on the ground it won't stop being heavy.

All of a sudden that figure is there again... But not one....two, no...three, four ,five....A whole group.

They seem so similar they are all smiling like they know me, i look confused at them but they keep smiling in return, not a creepy one though, a warm one.

They come closer to you, making you feel uncomfortable by the lack of personal space but then you feel good.

You feel happy and they help you lift up the weight. Once off of you, you see what it was.

A bunch of people stand infront of you looking angry, confused, happy, disgusted and.....

.....familiar, all at the same time you decide you hate these people and you walk to the people you feel truely comfortable with.

But then....they walk away.

Looking surprised at them you follow them but then you see that they are walking to those hateful yet familiar people.

You try to stop them but they are gone only one remains, a dull one it looks like it was in pain like....

it was in a box! You scream at them with a smile asking if they know you or are in the same situation but they just look confused at you.

Dark....everything is sooo dark.

You feel cramped are in a box again!?

No oxegyn, no light, no music,no food, no comfort, no nothing!

The only thing you feel is that the box is moving.

A direction you are not able to see nor able to choose from.

No one to ask for help, you cry in your box of darkness......

Only to find the box opening's like this cycle of depression.

But is it? Do i have the right to feel like this?

It's warm in that box....there are people who aren't able to get as warm.

And it may be cramped but it protects you from the horrible things in this world.'s better to stay in this dark box forever.

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