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LouiseW2016Loving Life. Wife and Mummy
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6 Slides about Louise

by LouiseW2016

I grew up in Fife.

Growing up here was interesting because Of the beautiful scenery.

In my spare time I Read, read and read some more.

I initially got into this because I was bored at work one day and came across Wattpad. .

My proudest moment was when

I gave birth to my gorgeous son .

My dream is to Give my son everything his heart desires.

I want this because I never really got much as a kid. My mum had 6 children so we all had to share stuff ..

Now, I am a Customer Service Co-Ordinator.

I I work on an Office for a Tape and Reel Manufacturing Company..

I'm looking forward to Our 1st Christmas as a Family.

I'm excited about this because This will be our 1st Christmas as Husband and Wife with a baby.

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