Poem Nocturna
Poem Nocturna urban stories
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louisetardif My films: youtube.com/user/quirkydino
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Written on a wet and dark night outside my university residence I reflect on what is familiar to us but found in different places. The ending of the poem, with no conclusion, serves as a way for each individual who reads the poem to interpret their own meaning. What I escape may not be what others escape, and therefore this incomplete ending provides a way for the reader to fill in the gap in a more creative and impulsive way than usual.

Poem Nocturna

by louisetardif

The sound of wild birds Hooting above me in the black trees

Take me to somewhere else Far away from these urban towers, Blocks of small rooms one on top of the other, And the planes overhead And the sirens in the distance.

Wet leaves And the sound of water gushing deep down

Through the grate at my feet And the smell of wet earth Are all particular to this place, But are all familiar to me,

Like my hands and feet and the colour of my hair,

Things I live with everyday, But could not recall if I did not have them.

In this dark I wonder if I will cross anyone else.

Who are you stranger, wanderer, And do you wander as I do? And do you wander or are you looking for an escape like me? An escape from the

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