Walking On Toe Beans
Walking On Toe Beans relationships stories

louiseislilacs I'm not always moody. Promise.
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Walking On Toe Beans

by louiseislilacs

i pad about on ghostly quiet feet that can never hear

invisibility is my unfortunate power, a power i both despise and rely on. i can hide when scared or angry or sad, a good thing, but you hide me when i am not needed or wanted, a bad thing.

you get confused when i want attention and things fall

i am an independent spirit and you take that for granted, leaving me alone even when i cry out softly. you think i can take care of myself, but i am not as stoic as i seem.

you cuddle, call me cute when it's convenient for you

i hate you for the attention, your obsession with calling me cute or sweet or lovely, but i also cannot live without it. i crave whatever attention i can get before i'm left to the shadows again

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