My Pride and Joy, I Love You
My Pride and Joy, I Love You memories stories

louiseislilacs I'm not always moody. Promise.
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A tribute to my sweet, old pup

My Pride and Joy, I Love You

by louiseislilacs

You shook the day I first held you in my arms A pink ribbon 'round you neck and confusion in your eyes There was no end to your jumping The travel cage kept you from harm

The bees became your great fixation And you stalked your buzzing prey like a cat How you avoided being stung I do not know They were no match for your concentration

On Halloween you refused to dress the part Instead you screamed at every child But every other day you were front and center To be decked out for the sake of young art

Now you live many states away My sweet and precious friend Who protects you from the thunder now? Who takes you on long walks each day?

The years have been kind to you Though your years now grow short And I fear the day the news will reach me That you've left to start life anew

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