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louinspace I'm a scholar and a gentlewoman
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What are gods to us, when we can't even manage to float in the ocean of our doubts?

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by louinspace

A farewell to sadness

I whispered

and did not believe a single word

I was spitting out.

So maybe all that I have inside me -

all the water in my heart

and the salt in my mouth

and the blood in my lungs -

maybe I will come to love and

understand it all

one day

if a god decides to place his hand on my heaving chest and smile.

(Do you know how much the spasms hurt? When I try to cough up my life but all that comes out is dry smoke and rotting bone).

You asked me if ice had any calories

I wanted to cry and yell at your teeth

when you degrade yourself, you hurt me.

But I kept quiet and shook my head

because this pain is not for me to dispel

and we will have to wait for some gods

to make us whole again

if ever whole we were.

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