Promise of a Beautiful Dream
Promise of a Beautiful Dream death stories

lou2413 Black holes are beautiful too.
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The sea whispers my name.

Promise of a Beautiful Dream

Moonlight and waves crash

like two lovers colliding.

At the ends of the earth is where I stand,

tired and weary from the voyage.

All but the waves stand still.

Starlight paints the canvas of the sea

in a bright shimmering light

as far as the eye can see.

Warm water weaves around my legs.

I dig my toes into the sand once more.

These will be nothing but last memories,

so I feverishly take in the sensations once more.

The song of the sea has called my name

and I have no choice but to follow.

The gods of the sea offer peace

as promised from the oracle at the temple of Apollo.

I walk further into the sea.

By now it has reached my breast

and my dress swirls around me

like the bloom of a new flower.

This is the promise of a beautiful dream.

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