Just Like Honey
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A spy comes across a deadly femme fatale who has a nuclear scientist in her sight.

Just Like Honey

She certainly stood out. The woman was out on the balcony looking over the view of Vienna. Suddenly she pulled out a cigarette and attempted to light it.

After a few failed attempts Agent N13 stepped in. Approaching her, he pulled out a lighter. She looked at him for a moment as if she was suspicious. Cautiously she lit her smoke.

"Thank You," She said in a voice that would make any man forget where they were.

The Agent smiled. "You're welcome, and you can keep the lighter. I don't smoke."

She put the light in her bag and nodded.

"What brings you to a lavish event?" Asked the Agent.

The woman took a drag of her cigarette and gave the Agent a look as if she was trying to figure him out.

"I'm a friend of Dr. Sterling Ekland. He invited me as a guest." Spoke the Woman.

The Agent replied. "A deputy director for the IAEA. That's quite a friend you have. Are you enjoying yourself?"

The woman smiled, sensing that a game was being played. "I'm sorry I didn't get your name."

"Well, that's because I didn't give it." Said the Agent with a smile. "My name is John Dalton, and I'm an IAEA inspector.

I guess the bosses thought it would be good to have some of the team come out to the event."

The woman responded. "I hear that's exciting work, sticking your nose into places where it shouldn't be."

The Agent let out a small laugh. "Judging by how you feel about me, I guess I've got a knack for it."

The woman laughed. "Well, John, as nice as it was to meet you, I'm afraid I must be getting back. Thanks for the light."

The woman put out her cigarette and went back into the mansion. The Agent watched her and then began to follow her. He kept his eyes on the woman on the upper levels as she went back to Dr.

Ekland's side.

A CIA agent had been tasked with watching over Dr. Ekland. It was believed that the Doctor would be a target for espionage.

Ekland held an important and influential position with the International Atomic Energy Agency. Many governments and organizations would like to get their hooks into him.

Somewhere along the line, the CIA Agent got too close to something. A couple of days ago, he was found dead in his hotel room in Vienna.

Agent N13 was sent to Austria to take over, and during his investigation, he came across the woman below.

The Agent believed that she was Veronika Vickova. She used to work for Czech Security Information Service (BIS). Later she became a double agent for the Chinese.

She broke off on her own and worked for various governments, organizations and private interests.

It was clear someone hired her to target the Doctor. The Agent watched as Vickova whispered in the Doctor's ear, and the two began to leave the party.

The Agent knew that Vickova probably knew who he was, but it also confirmed his suspicions about her.

The Agent went outside and watched as Dr. Ekland and Vickova got into a vehicle. The Agent made his way to his car, where he was confronted by two men. It appeared that the woman had back up.

The Agent shrugged and went to go by the men towards his vehicle.

One of the thugs grabbed the Agent's arm as the Agent passed by. The Agent immediately responded by delivering a blow to the man's face knocking him out cold.

The other thug charged the Agent, tackling him to the ground. The two men grappled for a bit before returning to their feet.

The Agent and the thug each took their swings, and both successfully evaded each other. Eventually, the Agent was able to grab hold of the thug's arm and throw him into the side of the car.

As the thug staggered to his feet, the Agent delivered a decisive blow.

Back at Ekland's home, the Doctor and Vickova were alone together. Vickova poured Ekland the drink and then went behind him and began massaging his shoulders.

The Doctor closed his eyes and let as he guard down. Vickova pulled out a knife and raised it above the Doctor's head.

Suddenly there was a loud noise as the door to the room was kicked in. Agent N13 burst into the room, weapon drawn.

The Doctor was too stunned to speak, and before he knew it, Vickova grabbed him holding a knife to his throat.

"Give it up! The authorities will be here any moment. There's no way out for you." Commanded the Agent.

Vickova laughed. "You are something else. I figured my men would have at least delayed you, and there was no way you could have followed us here."

The Agent spoke, "The cigarette lighter had a tracker in it. To be honest, I'm kind of surprised you fell for it."

Vickova laughed. "That was well played, but this isn't over yet!"

The Agent knew that she was just trying to buy time. He had to stay focused as he knew that things would come down to a split-second decision.

Vickova pointed the knife at the Agent, and the faintest clicking sound could be heard. The Agent immediately got down as the blade shot out of the knife and soared towards him.

Vickova ran towards a desk and grabbed a gun with the Agent on the ground. Two defining gunshots rang out as she turned to fire on the Agent.

Vickova felt her chest and eyes were in disbelief. She fell to the ground, dead. The Doctor was curled up in the corner of the room, scared out of his mind.

The Agent re-holstered his weapon and swore under his breath. If they could have captured her alive, they would have been able to get more information.

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