Greystone - Part 2
Greystone - Part 2 short story stories

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A mysterious stranger arrives in small town and involves himself with the local crime syndicate

Greystone - Part 2

Outside, the five men gathered. The stranger was held at gunpoint while one of the thugs began searching him.

"You ask for me by name, and then you beat the hell out of one of my best guys. Just who are you?"

The thug that was searching the stranger found a wallet and handed and tossed it to his boss. The man looked and pulled out an I.D card.

"Well, Mr. Ellis, what's your play?"

The stranger has finished being searched and responded, "I'm a problem solver, and I hear that's what you need right now, Mr. Deaver."

Deaver looked confused. "What makes you think I've got problems?"

The stranger responded, "Well, you've got a very wealthy and influential family gunning for you since their daughter OD'd on your product.

And your people are stealing from you like this sack of shit."

The stranger pointed to the big man, who was still dazed from his beat down. The big man responded angrily, "You're a dead man, saying crap like that."

The stranger smiled. "Go ahead, check his truck."

Deaver was stone-faced. He stared at the stranger and then looked at the big man. Coldly he ordered his men to check the truck.

The big man pleaded with his boss, "Come on, Mike, what is this?"

Mike remained silent, and his men returned. With them was a duffle bag full of money. The big man began pleading, "I'm sorry, Mike, I screwed up. It won't happen again, I swear."

Mike shook his head and turned to his men. "Take him out to the woods and make sure no one is ever able to find him."

One of the men approached the big man and knocked him out with his rifle. The big man was dragged away, and Mike turned to the stranger.

"Alright, mystery man, you've impressed me so far. Let's go back to the farm and discuss business."

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