Dead End
Dead End action stories

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When Agent N13 meets with a contact, he unknowingly walks into a trap.

Dead End

Something felt off.

Agent N13 walked through the streets of Hong Kong with a sense of paranoia. He was on his way to meet Zhang Gen, a highly valued Agency asset.

Gen had years of intelligence experience serving in the Hong Kong Police Dept. and was recruited by MI6.

He eventually went into business for himself but was still a highly valued asset to western intelligence agencies.

Gen had asked for Agent N13 personally, which was very strange. Unless the Agency had tapped Gen for a job, he never was the one to initiate a meeting.

There was some hesitancy from mission control, but the potential info he had was too good to pass up.

Over the past year, CSIS has noticed a pattern. There were a series of attacks, assassinations and coups throughout the world which seemed unconnected.

Having looked closer, a connection emerged, and the actions were linked to a mysterious group known as UMBRA.

The idea was crazy and dismissed by most of the allied intelligence agencies. CSIS continued to pursue the matter, but it led nowhere.

Then out of the blue, Zhang Gen claimed to have information on the group.

The Agent felt tense as he entered the back alleys of the city. After a few minutes, the Agent saw the building that the contact was supposed to meet him.

The Agent used the key he had been given and made his way in.

Inside, the room was dark, with just the glow from a static T.V providing the only light. The contact looked to be sitting in a chair. The Agent called out to him, but there was no response.

As the Agent approached him, he was stopped dead in his tracks. The contact had been killed. There was a sign around his neck that simply read "Dead End."

The Agent dropped to the ground hearing the faintest sound of the safety of a weapon being toggled. Gunfire erupted into the building from the outside.

The Agent staying low pulled out his gun and waited for the gunfire to cease.

The gunfire had stopped, and the door was kicked in. Four men entered the building, their weapons drawn. They carefully looked over the scene, looking for their target.

One of the men noticed a blood trail, and they began to follow it.

They cautiously made their way in, expecting to find the target. Suddenly one of the men could hear a hissing sound. Looking down, they realized that gas had been turned on the stove.

Before they could react, a gunshot rang out, causing an explosion taking out the gunmen.

The explosion alerted two more armed men who were outside of the building. They immediately rushed down to see what had happened.

As they watched in confusion, one of the men was suddenly grabbed from behind.

The other gunmen turned around to see Agent N13, who was battered and bloody, holding the thug at gunpoint. The gunmen reached for his weapon but were taken out by the Agent.

N13 then began interrogating the thug.

"Who sent you?"

The thug squirmed and told the Agent to go to hell. The Agent pointed his weapon at the thug's knee and fired. Dropping to the ground, the gunman screamed in agony.

"I'll ask you again. Who sent you? Was it UMBRA?"

The wounded thug refused to talk. He put his hand to his tactical vest and pulled the pin on one of the grenades he was wearing. The Agent turned and began to run.

As the explosion went off, he fell to the ground and covered his head.

As sirens neared, the Agent staggered out of the alleyway and into the darkness of the night. Looking back, all he saw was the fire from the explosion and what was left of the dead gunman.

He called mission control and asked for any agency assistance in the area.

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