UNA—THOR—IZED Biography of Evangeline Green Chapter 16 "Good Reflexes"
UNA—THOR—IZED Biography of Evangeline Green

Chapter 16
"Good Reflexes" marvel fanfic stories

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"Did it sound like 'let's-get-coffee-and-chat' or 'I'll-stab-you-in-the-back'? Oh, that rhymed,"

UNA—THOR—IZED Biography of Evangeline Green Chapter 16 "Good Reflexes"

I brushed my teeth as I faced the bathroom mirror. Rocket did the same, standing in front of me as we brushed together.

Doing it together reminded me of something—I think I used to do it with someone else. But I wasn't the tall one.

"Can't believe you're walkin' two days after you broke twenty-something bones," Rocket mumbled, green foam lining his mouth as he talked and brushed.

I shrugged. "I feel okay. Bruises are gone."

That was true. I couldn't find a single scar or bruise anywhere on my body. My hair was changing, too. The pale flaxen color had morphed into a silvery hue when it glowed in the dark.

I didn't know what that meant, but I heard someone whispering from a chemistry textbook in the back of my head when I thought about it.

"Color change is a sign of a chemical change...wait, I think that happened when Bucky tried to cook us dinner..."

"That's creepy." Rocket mumbled. The green foam was starting to drip.

Drax shrugged behind me. He was also a part of our brushing crew, and I was pretty sure the back of my head was covered in toothpaste as he spoke, "Angel will make a fine warrior. Broken bones heal stronger."

Drax's behavior towards me had changed in the past few days. After I had found out about the broken bones, I swore he was eyeing me like a toothpick.

But when I started moving again, things just felt different when I was around him. His body language had changed. I think I was growing on him.

Rocket sidestepped as I leaned over the sink and spat out the toothpaste. I rinsed my mouth and left the two to their brushing.

I started to search the ship for Mantis or Peter. Both had been sulking after my most recent accident.

Mantis felt guilty she couldn't ease my pain, and apparently Quill was unnerved by any medical issues. I tried to keep both of them in high spirits—they didn't deserve to suffer, too.

I passed Carol in one of the dark, narrow hallways. She bobbed her head at me and matched my pace, "Hey, that letter that you sent to the Kree empire came in. They responded back."

"That's good news," I replied. For the past two days, I didn't have the luxury of moving around very much.

I found ways to keep myself busy: I reached out to other planets on the verge of war and kept checking the monitors for news on our lead.

Our man of steel was a ghost, but my diplomatic efforts were getting somewhere.

"They'll agree to meet with you if you visit the Kree homeworld." Carol said.

"Did it sound like 'let's-get-coffee-and-chat' or 'I'll-stab-you-in-the-back'? Oh, that rhymed," I mused.

Carol smirked. "More like option two."

"Still good news. They sent something back, we got their attention," We turned a corner. I knew something was on the other side before I saw it.

Having control over gravity also meant sensing things...I didn't know the exact mechanics of it, but everything that had mass also had some sort of...signature.

I felt a slight heaviness in the air.

I caught Carol's arm before we rammed into Gamora.

"Oh—hey, good reflexes," Carol glanced down at my hand.

"Hi, Carol. Angel, I need to talk to you." Gamora never wasted time on small talk. She was straightforward. In a way, I was thankful for it. I never had to do the dance with her.

"Of course," I let go of Carol. I followed Gamora through the tight twists and turns of the Milano. Gamora was heading for the smaller ship attached.

"So what's up?" I asked her as she typed in a code on a nearby screen. The cockpit to the smaller ship opened. Groot was waiting inside, fully focused on his game console.

Gamora spun, and I finally recognized her sword at her side. "I thought we could spar together," She smiled sweetly.

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