The UNA—THOR—IZED Biography of Evangeline Green Chapter 15 "The Embodiment of Satan"
The UNA—THOR—IZED Biography of Evangeline GreenChapter 15"The Embodiment of Satan" marvel fanfic stories

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The UNA—THOR—IZED Biography of Evangeline Green Chapter 15 "The Embodiment of Satan"

"You broke our Angel!"

"I did not! If anyone broke her, it was probably you! You've committed way more sins than me!"

"Says the embodiment of Satan—OW!"

Carol and Peter bickered off to the side. Mantis hovered over me, pressing her fingers against my temples and my arms. I tried not to wince too much at her gentle touches.

Her empathic abilities did pubcus for me. I was still immune, which meant I had to suffer through the pain.

"I don't get it," Rocket muttered off to the side. "You didn't have another klutz attack? How'd you do this to yourself?"

I turned my head on the table I laid on to look at him. It hurt to move. The inside of my mouth was filled with tiny daggers, stabbing into my gums.

I pushed the words out through gritted teeth, "Bad luck. Karma. Harmful divinity, you name it."

Drax and Nebula judged me off to the side. At least they judged in silence. I hated this kind of attention. It made me feel useless, something I wasn't fond of.

Gamora stared at one of the screens nearby. "How did you do this...?"

Carol and Peter paused. They looked over at her. "What?"

Gamora slowly turned to look at me. Her skin was a pale jade green, sickly compared to her natural emerald hue. "You have twenty-three broken bones."

My jaw dropped—which resulted in another hiss of pain. Carol crossed her arms as she stood over me. "I watched you. You were doing great—even your landing was smooth.

How did you break twenty-three bones?"

I opened my mouth, but I didn't have an answer. Twenty-three bones. I could feel the pain everywhere. It was hard to believe I hadn't broken more.

But how did I break them? I didn't run into anything this time. It couldn't have been from my last accident. The pain hit hard, striking right after I landed on the ground.

Nebula left the shadows and lingered at the side of the table. Her eyes were black and dark, like gaping black holes. She murmured, "Sometimes upgrades have a price."

—N E W Y O R K, 2 0 1 5—

Doctor Stephen Strange joined me on the hospital bed, sighing as he looked over the clipboard. "Are you going for a record, Virginia?"

I rolled my eyes, "It's not a game, Vincent...although if it was, I'm winning."

"Well," Stephen cleared his throat, "It's a privilege to know you. You're kind of a medical anomaly. Not many people have two kidney transplants before they're twenty-one."

That sentence sent a cold shiver through me. Clint's kidney failed. He gave me another chance at life, and I failed him. I knew, deep down, it really wasn't my fault. But it really felt like it.

I decided not to tell the Avengers about the second transplant yet. They had been through too much. Everyone had too much on their plate after Sokovia, they didn't need this.

So Stephen, Pepper, and one other person kept my secret.

"The surgery itself went well," Stephen glanced over the medical document. "Nothing went wrong in the procedure, everything else looks normal..."

"By the time I'm thirty, I'll look like something from a Tim Burton movie," I muttered.

Stephen finally looked up at me. His eyes looked like two twin planets, swirling with exotic shades of green, blue, and gray. They were difficult to read, but I was learning.

He was very reserved, almost as composed as me. There was something more witty and sarcastic about him. I was glad I had Stephen. He could pretend everything was okay, even if it wasn't.

"On the bright side, we've learned that you're indestructible," He concluded and I laughed bitterly. At least I had the luxury to laugh.

Shoes thundered across the pale tile of the hospital floor. I looked up at my donor for the kidney, the reason I was still alive.

The Wolverine.

Logan Howlett grunted as he stood at the foot of my bed. He looked very out of place in the pale clinicality of the hospital.

Logan's leather brown jacket reflected the glint of the LED lights on the ceiling. His boots were coated in dry mud, and the musky scent of cigars and pine clung to his clothes.

"You still alive, kid?" Logan asked. When he spoke, his breath stank of beer.

I nodded, "Thank you for everything, Logan. I owe you my life."

He shrugged. "Don't mention it, 'bub. As long as you keep that pain in the ass neighbor of yours from blowing up the city."

"And as far away from you as possible."

Logan's permanent scowl seemed to deepen. "How long you plannin' on doing that?"


Logan glanced at Stephen. "If I get hit...I come back, usually pissed off. But now my kidney's in her. Does that mean she can come back, too?"

That was another reason why so few people knew about the surgery. Logan's regenerative abilities were well-known. It left a lot of speculation.

No one could know he was the donor—not even the Avengers.

Stephen turned to me. "Do you mind?"

I shook my head. I rolled up my shirt and leaned back, revealing the new scar that sliced across my torso. It looked like a stroke from one of Wade's samurai swords.

There was also a bump on my stomach where the skin bulged out. Like battle scars.

Stephen looked back at Logan. "Your kidney may hold its longevity, but the rest of Angie isn't like that.

If Angie still has these scars, I highly doubt your regenerative abilities have been passed."

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