Imagine: the Avengers Taking Care of You When You’re Sick
Imagine: the Avengers Taking Care of You When You’re Sick avengers stories

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Find out what the Avengers will do to help out a Reader feeling under the weather! Who would you choose as your caretaker?

Imagine: the Avengers Taking Care of You When You’re Sick

—T O N Y S T A R K—

Tony may not have marital instincts or a working liver, but he will constantly worry over you.

Be prepared to be pampered with buckets of cough medicine, stakeouts on the couch with your favorite movie marathons, and J.A.R.V.I.S./F.R.I.D.A.Y. bugging you every five minutes to ask if you need something.

Tony: I love you, but I'm also wearing the suit while we cuddle. As a safety measure, of course. Not from you—supervillains know my address, remember. I'm not scared of germs, Y/N...have you seen the Lysol can around?

—S T E V E R O G E R S—

Steve isn't exactly an expert on the world of modern medicine, but you will be confined to the couch, under custody of Mama Steve.

He'll try old-world remedies like making chicken soup and enforcing plenty of rest.

Steve: Y/N, we're out of clean dishes...maybe I could serve the soup in my shield...wait, where is my shield?

—C L I N T B A R T O N—

Clint is a messy person by nature, so when flu season comes around, chances are, he's stuck on the couch with you.

But you will be his first priority—he'll call in sick to S.H.I.E.L.D. just to take care of you.

Clint: Y/N! Here's a giant bowl of soup...come on, it's not Cap's shield. That must be the fever—you're hallucinating. Like that time you saw me take the last slice of pizza.

__ N A T A S H A __ R O M A N O F F

The Bodyguard. No one is going within ten feet of you with Natasha nearby. You will rest undisturbed under Natasha's watch.

This woman has seen gore galore: no amount of snot, vomit, or other disgusting things left unnamed can scare her. She will stay by your side permanently until you are fully healed...

also be prepared to be drugged unknowingly.

Clint: Nat? Why is this soup crunchy? Are you hiding vitamins in my food again—?

Natasha: Shh. No one has to know.

—T H O R—

Thor has no fear of snot or possible sickness (come on: he's lived with Loki for 1000 years. He's seen worse). He will sit with you and keep you warm.

He may not know the human practices of fighting illness, but he won't leave your side and will ignore all boundaries of personal space.

Thor may even try Asgardian remedies to nurse you back to health (do NOT put any of it in your mouth).

Thor: My mother was a witch, Y/N, and so was my brother: I will nurse you back to full health, myself. Here, I made this broth for you.

Bruce Banner: that an eyeball in the soup?

—B R U C E B A N N E R—

He'll make a pillow fort in the lab and sit with you. Bruce has no problem making quick runs to the drug store and whipping up some herbal tea for you.

He will be understanding and completely selfless as your caregiver.

Bruce: Are you sleeping...? Does this mean I can watch Professor Proton? Oh, you're awake. Sorry.

—J A M E S R H O D E S—

He's been taking care of Tony for years: compared to him, you're a leisurely walk in the park. Rhodey will spend the day in with you, watch some movies, take naps.

Rhodey on the couch: What the hell... *pulls out a bag of Tony's hidden blueberries* ...are these Barnes' plums? Damn, he really is a raccoon.

___ W A N D A ___ M A X I M O F F

She'll be an expert at getting anything you need with her powers. Wanda is also the Compound's Tea Guru, so she'll keep you hydrated.

Wanda won't worry as much as the others, but she does still care: she knows how strong you are. You'll pull through.

Wanda Maximoff: *picking up used tissues with her magic and putting them in the trash* I love you, Y/N. I also love my manicure, and I'm not sacrificing it to the snot monsters.

—V I S I O N—

Vision is new to eating and sleeping and normal human things, but how he feels about you is probably the core to his humanity.

Vis will be very by-the-book, attempting to make chicken soup (then caving and asking Wanda to do it), offering you different brands of cough medicine, and basically reiterating everything off Wikihow. Vis will also be your personal thermometer.

Vision touches Y/N's forehead: I advise staying in today, Y/N. Your fever is spiking up to 102.456 degrees Fahrenheit.

Peter Parker & Shuri: :o

Scott Lang: Okay, that's just weird...can you tell me how hot my coffee is right now?

— S A M W I L S O N—

Sam Wilson: He is Mama Steve 2.0: even Steve comes to Sam in distress.

You couldn't be in better hands: Sam knows how to build people up, and will be your personal life coach during this sickness.

Sam will let you wear his jogging sweats if you get cold, and he'll play pranks on Bucky for your entertainment.



Sam sitting with you and a bowl of fruit: You wanna smoothie, Y/N?

—B U C K Y B A R N E S—

Bucky Barnes: The worst chance at survival (but in a heartfelt, adorable way). If your health teeters, even if it's something like a simple cold, this man will freak out.

You are Bucky's world, and you're usually the one taking care of him: he will feel obligated to get you through this.

Being gentle with someone is...not something he's familiar with, but it will be evident that Bucky's trying: even if he almost burns down the Compound just to make you soup.

Plus, his metal arm feels great against feverish skin.

—T ' C H A L L A—

The best chance at survival. T'Challa will steal you away to Wakanda to spoil you.

Enjoy the luxury of the palace while trying out high-tech massagers (and the equally-relaxing purr of T'Challa's voice ;) and snuggling with bullet-proof silky vibranium blankets.

You get to hide away from your responsibilities, and T'Challa will make sure you have everything you need. You will always be on his mind until you recover.

—P E T E R P A R K E R—

Aunt May raised this boy right. Chicken soup? On the stove. Back massage? In progress. Peter is harnessing his own Mama Steve, and he won't leave your side.

But don't let Peter do everything—because he will try, and Aunt May doesn't want to call the fire department again.

—S C O T T L A N G—

Scott Lang: The other worst chance at survival (but an entertaining one). He will try his best to keep your spirits up—that means doing every magic trick known to the geek community.

It pains him to see you upset, so you may have to muster a fake laugh just to soothe him. Scott is still a father, so he does know a thing or two about taking care of someone.

He'll camp out with you on the couch, and you can expect your roles to be reversed two weeks later, when your sickness carries on to him.

Scott: You're right, that's snot funny. . .I'm sorry, that was a sick joke.

—L O K I—

He will nurse you back to health himself: he knows potions and remedies to do so. But he will almost seem solemn or detached as he does so.

Loki loves you more than anything in the world, but sickness is a reminder of your mortality, and it's a harsh reminder for him.

Loki's skin feels cool and refreshing against feverish skin. He will press soft, tender kisses on your forehead, and stare at you silently as you rest.

—N I C K F U R Y—

Sickness will tremble before this man. Fury know's you're strong enough to beat this illness, and he will put you under house arrest just to make sure you are getting the proper rest you need.

He will also send Agent Coulson to be your personal maid/caretaker.

___ S T E P H E N ___ S T R A N G E

Stephen Strange: The chances of survival here are pretty high. Nothing scares Stephen away, after being a doctor for years and fighting beings from different dimensions.

He'll make sure you have everything you need, speaking in a soft voice as he occasionally smoothes out your hair.

Stephen has a spell to combat every sickness defect from coughing to sore throat, and he can make portals so you can spy on people while you recover.

His cloak is very fond of you, too, and will choose you over him in your feverish state.

—C A R O L D A N V E R S—

Carol Danvers: She's pretty much immune to everything, so Carol won't hesitate to sit with you and have a sick day on the couch.

She'll try to stay upbeat and positive, but seeing you less than 100% worries her. Carol will stick around earth for a few days until you're back on your feet.

Plus, with her powers, Carol's a gorgeous source of heat to keep you warm.

Carol: You got this, champ. I know you'll get through this, cause you're my hero.

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