Awesome Announcements

       Awesome Announcements its arguable that i didnt have any sanity to begin with stories

lothirielswan Love, fortune and glory to you!
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A special birthday announcement, along with an update on links and a sneak peak of things to come.

Awesome Announcements

Hi Awesome Adventurers! We have tons of fun stuff that I wanna talk about, but first... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! *plays Grandmaster's jams*

I'm sorry we didn't have Thor's Day this week, that was the reason why. Don't worry, our next Thor's Day will be Loki reciting an old norse tale (HIS version, of course)!

~Link Updates~

So lately you've seen some posts where it has all the links listed in order. I found out that I can't copy/paste them on my computer, so as a buffer to continue to make things easier to find for you guys, we are going to add links to the next/previous/first chapter on all mini-series posts and on "The UNA—THOR—IZED Biography of Evangeline Green" chapters!

(Will this be an extremely tedious task that will kill my hand and possibly steal my sanity? Yes. But that's what the internet is for.)

And now, a sneak peak at things to come. . .

Bucky the Vampire Hater ~ Part IV ~ Finale

The Story of This Picture

has a special guest. . .

has a special guest. . . a VERY special guest. . .

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