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Let's use him.

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Prale/Brothers, Floating World


The man in black suit set down the file on the board table of the other white men in matching suits and red ties.

"We've got a hook."

"This is..?"

"Mahmud Chakar.Alias; Prayera."

"..?"  ("So..?")

"He's the Suflakh leaders son."

"..." Realisation of the idea dwaned on them before words needed to be said.

"Connect our agents, and spread the intel."

"We'll use him."


Stratustorical City or Yusei,midtown.


"..." Glancing around the store and aisles, Tosamuns kept his hands in his unzipped sweaters pockets, looking over the shelves of commercial 'medicine' drugs, clicking his mouth pensively.

One of the female pharmacists had noticed he'd been looking around for awhile and was starting to get a little wary of him.. "Did you need something?"

"Oh.No,-well.. I was lookin to see if you had anything for..Getting somebody off a high." Rosamuns decides to admit,turning his head a little "you don't got anything?"


The woman tried to think- a bit awkwardly of the request; "The only thing I could think of..."

"I'll try the Natural Selects Health store." Rosamuns states before she'd finished "maybe they'd have something.."


He went to leave the Pharmacy store, sending a glare of psychic energy into the security theft scanners by he door as he left.

Prayera was still waiting for him across the street with the car. Examining the area and people pensively.

"Ya, Pral."


"Got yo this." Rosamuns says lightly tossing him out a box from his pocket and getting in the drivers seat.

Prayera gave it a look skeptically

"..Over the counter ear-aids?" *Are you serious.*

"-😕☝ Those were a little hard to get without being noticed." Rosamuns had to inform, putting the car into gear so they could get going. ""So be a little thankful hm?"

"..." Prayera rolls his eyes uninterested, "You didn't consult me."

"No, that wouldn't be a surprise."

"..😒...Surprise?" (Well that was stupid..) "You stole this, va? For nothing."

"...." Rosamuns thought about it for a second, "...What do you mean 'for nothing'?"

He couldn't just Deny that he'd been having issues with his hearing again.

"I cannot use this, no stick in my ear. More to this than simple 'loss'."


*I don't know what you mean but I'm gonna to stop driving first.*


Not long later-

Rosamuns had parked them and turned to look at Prayera straightly,

"What do you mean you can't use this?"

"Is caused from blast heat stream, 'Fenix mutation'." Prayera replies, spreading his hands "👐 Explosive revivings. Too much use. It bring damage to inner body, mainly ears.

José he tried to fix it, but that was very long ago."

".....=_-...Soo...This wouldn't work?"

Rosamuns was fairly convinced it should,logically...

"...😑...Need the MLS type doctors I think." Prayera decided to just say, "Is fine though...I've been Deaf before."

"..=__=..." That didn't exactly sound like a reasonable assessment.

"The Lonox-E.D hill hospital checks with cyborgs, AD, and other kinds."

"....." Prayera thinks about it a few moments, reluctantly deciding to agree.

"Okay, we go to this place....You are not recognised there for criminalty?"

Given Rosamuns' Suflakh connections,figured to ask.

"I shouldn't be."

(Directed towards there, at least.)

----Lenox-E.D. Hill hospital, Yusei.

When the brothers went in to register their inquiry, the desk worker studied Prayera a few moments pensively, before completing the entry.

"You'll have to wait in the designated section unitl you get called."


After they went to the waiting section,The curly haired woman got up from the desk, taking some data cards and left the front.


"...." Rosamuns wondered a bit about this, now that they were here. Something seemed off.

"...Pral." He nudges Prayeras arm


*"Te savaceta."* (be wary.)

"..." Prayera stares at him a few moments pensively until the word registered. "-Savaceta?"

"Va." Rosamuns nods slightly *"Me bhavana..nai-lacho."* (I sense..not good)

".....😒..." That was really vague and simple. *"Hījanzījis alavar ra godī."*

(You lack dictionary of brain.)

*"..😑Sar sī tu ra anglais."*

(So do you in english.)

Rosamuns had to remark in turn. "Just te savaceta."

"...hmh..😒.." Prayera crossed his arms looking away from him as they waited.


Lenox_ed Hospital room-Later

"I only need check of my ears, what you doing?"

As the male nurse examined Prayeras arm and chest he had to ask, skeptic even if Rosamuns Hadn't told him to be wary.

The man looks at him "mandatory complimentary checks." He replies. "And we may need acertaining of your make-up."

"Mhhh..." tedious.

After, when they got to examining Prayeras ears, he informed them of the corrective augmentation that'd been done before.

"I see." The doctor nods turning off the flashlight and stepping back "We'll need to give you some de-stimulants to do the work, or would you rather be put to sleep?"


"It's one or the other, or else we can't get a better look and do surgery."

Prayera still wasn't sure on that, but reluctantly gives over his unease "okay, you go with first." ("I guess...💧")

He did remember Dr.José hadn't done the original work while he was fully concious but, he didn't really trust these Yusein people.

The doctor nods, putting a hand on Prayeras shoulder and telling him to relax as the male nurse got out a shot.

Regardless of his usual facading of indifference Prayera couldn't help but be extremely weary of 'shots' or otherwise..In good reason. "Mmhh..."


Rosamuns tapped his foot impatiently, still in the waiting area, they hadn't let him come in with Prayera- something about 'hospital rules or some such'. (Did seem to be the case..)

But he still had a bad feeling. ("Even though it was My idea to come Here..")

He got up from sitting (again) turning his ears attentively trying to hear if there was anything suspect, there wasn't really.


Noticing his impatience, the receptionist wondered aloud carefully

"Is something wrong?-Sir?"

"..." It took a moment for it to register that she was talking to him, but Rosamuns turns to her desk. "Do you know how long it would be?"

"That all depends on if the doctor's busy, and if he has plans on doing anything today." She replies honestly, "You should try waiting at least an hour before inquiring.

If they decided to do a procedure it could be 4 to 5 hours."

"...." At first he didn't say anything, but then noded slightly, at least she seemed to be being honest.. "thank you."



"We'll have to take him out back." The nurse says after Prayera was unconcious, "He was with somebody, probably from the Suflakh."

"The other man nods getting Prayera on a stretcher, "they should be here."

-----3 1/2 hours Later----

"Mmhh..." Rosamuns had waited long enough, the receptionist shifts had changed, they should've been able to say what was going on.

So he went up and asked the new woman, Annabelle, and gave her his brothers name, and about how long ago he'd been called in.

"They mentioned they might do some surgery or a procedure?" He adds.

Annabelle checked their list and track schedule of patients/doctors in surgery on the network, "You said his name is Prayera Chakar?"


"...There's nothing 'Listed' for him in the surgeries schedule.."

"...?" Rosamuns put his hands down on the counter seriously"then Where is he?"

"I'd have to check the rooms-"

"Then do it."

A little warily of his severity she got up, and on second thought Rosamuns added " I'm going with you."

"We don't usually allow that-"

"Then this is an exception."

Annabelle didn't see any good reason to argue with him anyway, he had some right to be concerned.

When they went around to check the patient rooms, she did agree it was kind of strange they couldn't find him or anybody that knew.

"..Damn it." The thoughts that crossed Rosamuns mind.. "What connections does this hospital have??"


"You got somebody working for you.." He grabbed her arm tightly bringing others in the hall to a stop.

Rosamuns knew it could very well likely be a gang connection, (or Nagano, maybe.

)- But what am I gonna do? Causin property damage probably wouldn't get any results-except more problems with 'the authority', hold everbody hostage and try an get somebody to give answers?

Sounded like a good idea, but what if they don't know anything? Make a big scene for nothing...Whatever, there's no other choice. Somebody must'a seen something or know something....

The first receptionist that had seemed kind of sketchy...


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