Now,we're dancing
Now,we're dancing dance stories
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Though we said we wouldn't. We ended up dancing anyway.

Now,we're dancing

We had our difference in choices.

You liked rom com movies,I liked thrillers .

You liked the fading red evening sky,I liked the starry nights.

You prefer summer,I prefer winter.

You leave your stories ambiguous and I always get pulled towards tragic endings.

My head told me that these differences would end us

But my heart always made it work.

Like,when our mutual friend said she would host a formal dance party at the beginning of next year.

You were excited,you couldn't wait to hang out with everyone.

I wasn't though,I always preferred being alone.

At lest we both agreed on one thing.

We were not going to dance,it's just not us.

However,something told me when the night came,we'd end up dancing anyway.

And look at that,I was right.

The night is here and we're dancing.

Just not with each other.

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