I am selfish
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You went from being a stranger to a habit that I can't live without.

I am selfish

I still remember the first time we ever spoke on the phone.Though I remember every vivid detail of that night

It feels like a life time has passed since then.

I now know of your little habits and pet peeves.

Like how you prefer phone call over texting.

It's been so long since that first night we spoke on the phone.

You were complaining about the same thing for hours.

I remember because my ears were hurting like crazy by the end.

I just wanted you to stop talking and hang up even though you were sharing to get a load off your chest.

Ha,Guess I was being selfish.

It's been so long since that night.

I can't remember the last time the sun went down and we didn't talk.

Listening to your voice has become a habit now.

Now my ears don't hurt anymore.

Now I don't mind you telling the same story over & over again.

Now I don't want you to hang up.

I don't want you to say goodbye even though I can hear how tired you are.

I just want to listen.



& forever

Guess I'm being selfish again.

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