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lostson A lost son. Searching. Seeking. Writing.
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Every story has a villain. Who's yours?

Villain of The Story

Every story has an antagonist.

A criminal.

A scoundrel.

A villain.

Come now, child.

As I tell you about the villain of my story.

He is not a villain by choice.

But rather a villain of circumstance.

He once thought himself a great man.

A champion.

A knight.

A hero.

But a darkness swelled within him.

An all consuming feeling of death.

It was a desire to end his happiness.

An inclination to harm those around him.

His actions, once noble, now dishonorable.

He used to slay the demons.

Now he walks amongst them.

He used to honor the broken.

Now he uses them for selfish gain.

His future, once lined with gold,

Now decays with rust.

He wore his heart on his sleeve.

Now, it's locked away, tattered and scarred.

The fearlessness was replaced with terror.

Courage, replaced by cowardice.

He had the world before him,

But he chose to burn it to the ground.

So tell me sweet child,

Does this man deserve redemption?

Answer wisely young one.

For the villain of my story...

Is me.

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