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lostnstars Community member
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I called my dad if he can pick me up and take me home, I was just so sick of that city. Then I wrote this as soon as I got in the car.
I hope you guys appreciate it :)

Strange City

A strange city of love Where both hearts love But to see someone’s broken wall Shows that they don’t belong at all

A strange city where perfect is ideal Thoughts stuck with dreams in denial Where everyone’s time is never the same A minute late can make a man insane

A strange city where they get a dozen of roses- From another’s garden ‘cause theirs is a mess Admire how they blossom at the very first Tomorrow leaving dozen ones with such thirst

A city where people keep seeing, Didn’t even bother focus on looking

Look at her sincerely in the eyes!

Stop sending him little white lies!

In this strange city, you’ll never find fearless A woman’s silence drives a man to madness All of their lips are stitched up to speak now But have the guts to promise and have a vow

A strange city of love with no escape ends

There’s not a night that there are no sirens

It wasn’t the time to call it love as the golden key

As you sleep and wake, it’s just another strange city

Thank you for reading :) keep reading & writing, you're amazing x -clln

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