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Sorry about the long hiatus from writing. My creative voice has gone silent. This is a fanfiction based on a game called Katawa Shoujo.

I see the way you look. My eyes skitter across the landscape, never having the courage to look directly at the person I'm talking to. Neither of us understand this crazy world we live in.

The tenuous relationship we've built on the most fragile of supports trembles. I don't know how to shore it up.

An artist, looking at the world with a unique perspective, is a challenge, but this artist seems so alien.

Words fail and all that's left are unwieldy sounds, spilling into the space between us in an attempt to explain.

The words that gather behind my lips, jostle each other, fighting for domination, to be the first out.

The only thing this means is that they dissolve into meaningless sounds when I finally open my mouth and attempt to speak to her.

The artist.

We are both unique, her more intangibly than me.

I am reminded of my condition every time I take a breath, but she is looking at the world through a different lens.

This sometimes makes communication difficult, as I am adrift on the sea of her mind in my small boat, built of what little I've managed to understand about her.

The moment here doesn't need words, and that's what makes it so beautiful. The words we speak dissolve into sound, but the words we don't speak are perfectly understood.

The words left unsaid are simply there, shimmering in the air between us. No words need to be spoken. I'm in this moment with her, and for one glorious moment, everything makes sense.

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