Outside Looking In: My Ill-fated Romance with Marius Pontmercy Part 5
Outside Looking In: My Ill-fated  Romance with Marius Pontmercy Part 5 fan fic stories

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Les Misérables Fanfic: Éponine POV Part 6
This tells Les Misérables from the viewpoint of Éponine. I had a little extra time this week so I wrote two more parts of the story.

Outside Looking In: My Ill-fated Romance with Marius Pontmercy Part 5

I had always loved Éponine Thénardier.

Ever since she had come to Paris, I had watched her from the sidelines

Never having the courage to tell her how I felt

or even approach her

I watched for years, as she tried to woo Marius.

Whenever I thought of him, I felt a flash of anger.

Why could he not see that Éponine was in love with him?

If I was in his place, I would waste no time in meeting her mostly subtle but sometimes overt advances, more than halfway.

But Marius didn’t see what was right in front of him

and I watched as Éponine slowly sank into a pit of despair

Marius refusing her advances (even unknowingly) was slowly destroying her, but she still couldn’t let him go.

I began shadowing Éponine

trying to work up the courage to introduce myself into her life

find out if Marius would accept her

and provide a way out of the hell she was living without Marius’s love

I wanted to save her

but I couldn’t find it within myself to approach her

so I followed her unobtrusively

watching her and making sure no harm befell her

I knew about her abusive father, but I couldn’t do anything about that

(as much as I would have liked to throttle him)

I was there in case she met with any accidents

I saw Éponine unwillingly participate in her father's schemes

I was there the day Marius met her

Éponine had been roped into one of her father’s con games

I, watching from across the square, saw Marius

following a clearly protesting Éponine towards her father.

Marius was suddenly arrested however, by another girl almost bumping into him.

My attention was drawn by Éponine screaming “It’s Javert!”

screaming “It’s Javert!”

and her father’s gang scattered into the crowd….

I see Éponine drive away her father’s gang from the house where Marius is with the other girl.

I find out her name is Cosette.

I see Marius thank Éponine and escape with her into the night.

They soon part ways, Marius and Éponine, and I see Éponine to Gavroche’s patch, where I know she’ll be safe.

The next morning, I see Gavroche and Éponine leave

Éponine disguised as a boy

They go to a café.

I wait outside and I don’t wait long

Soon, a stream of people issue from the café and I see Éponine among them.

The people move to the Rue de Villette and begin to build a barricade.

I see Marius entrust Éponine with a letter and she leaves.

I follow her to 55 Rue Plumet, where she delivers the letter, after some hesitation, to a man I recognize as Cosette’s father.

After that, she wanders the streets

from what I can gather, making peace with the fact that Marius will never be hers.

At one point, close to dawn, she suddenly glances up and I think she sees me.

I can’t be sure

She turns and begins making her way back to the barricade

I cautiously follow her, in order to not put her on edge.

I see her dart into a shortcut of hers, and I climb onto the roof of a house bordering the street

in order to be concealed but still have a good view of the barricade and the soldiers.

I see Éponine pop out of a side street

on the wrong side of the barricade!

She begins running for the safety of the barricade and goes unnoticed, at first, but then a shout rings out

“There’s a boy climbing the barricade!”

I hear Marius respond, but my attention is diverted to the National Guardsmen

One of them raises his rifle and shoots at Éponine.

She was about halfway up the barricade and, after the shot, makes it to the other side of the barricade, so I think the shot missed.

Then, I see Marius

cradling Éponine in his lap

his shoulders shaking

I realize the shot hit home

Éponine is dead

Marius lays her down gently on the ground and walks slowly away, his shoulders slumped.

I slide off the roof and begin to make my way to the barricade, refusing to believe it.

Just as I make it, I see a man in a National Guard uniform. He offers his help, and I recognize him as Cosette’s father.

There is a hurried conversation between him and a students, but hust then, the National Guard began to attack.

A gun is thrust into my hands by one of the students, and I help repulse the attack.

I single out the one who shot Éponine, and it gives me a small measure of satisfaction to see him crumple.

The National Guard retreats, then, and the student who seems to be heading up this rebellion thanks Cosette’s father for his help

Jean (for that is his name) when thanked for his service, asks for Javert, who has tried to spy for the National Guard.

They walk away, and the leader turns to the rest of the revolutionaries.

He assigns a man to the watch and the rest of them go into a nearby building to bed down for the night.

As the rest of them stream into the building, I slowly walk towards the body of Éponine

abandoned by the barricade

I cradle her in my arms

lamenting her death

I make my peace with her, and begin to lay her gently back on the ground.

I am interrupted, however, by a faint breath tickling my cheek.

I freeze, hardly daring to believe it, but I bring my hand to her mouth and feel it again.

The weak exhalation of warm, living breath.

I gently reach for her wrist because, if she’s alive, she must be in terrible pain, and feel for a pulse

As if in answer, I feel a throbbing under my fingers, thready and weak, yes, but still there.

Seeing that no one is paying attention to me

(the watchman appears to have withdrawn into his thoughts)

I gently pick up Éponine and disappear into the streets of Paris...

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