Free As A Bird
Free As A Bird freedom stories
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I felt the need to escape so I came here

Free As A Bird

I felt the need to escape so I came here

It's so peaceful out here

The row of tall trees are looking like shields

Like a long row of black shields with the sun setting behind them

And as I watch the sky turn a darker shade of blue behind me,

and layers of orange and yellow in front of me,

disappearing behind the trees,

I'm reminded that life is so much bigger than me

You see, when I first came here everything seemed so overwhelming

Something so small can always trigger the little bombs inside my head

So there I sat, feeling like no matter what I did, I would always feel like this

And then I saw a bird flying over me

It was up really high and it was by itself

It was flying so gracefully and effortlessly you could say

See, the bird didn't care that it was by itself, it just flew

It's silly to compare myself to a bird

But at that moment I wished I could fly

Watching the sky changing colors

The trees getting darker

The wind on my face and the bird flying high -

I felt like I too, would one day be free

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