Vile Romance
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Love lived is almost always a love lost, but what good does that do?

Vile Romance

It burned them both, leaving twisted scars all over their bodies blurring into a beauty neither of them could comprehend.

They screamed into each other, canceling out the noise that told them no,

this is what we want

this is right

If it wasn't then why would we be here?

Kisses and passions and broken bottles lie all over the room

Scattered dreams pushed to the side

We were only kids

We didnt know any better than to give

Thats how I spelled love


You spelled it differently

I didnt know that then

But when

The broken bottles turned into shattered glass

And the walls came crashing down everything I had known was wrong

You tasted different, that night

The whole world was a mess

I couldn't believe my eyes

Watched the mirror bleed the tears I wouldn't let myself cry

You bled the venom you spat at me

For an eternity

The life you and I lived was like living inside of a broken snow globe

It was deadly

And it was beautiful

And it was messy

Our death was slow

It burned, leaving scars neither of us recognized

So we did what most kids do

We ran and hid. We lied.

And I haven't stopped running ever since

You stuck with hiding and I know the spot you chose all too well. Little boy afraid

Leaving clues all around for Me to find.

Little boy clueless for the first time

I avoid that street now, I hear you sometimes, singing me siren songs to lure me back in.

I know now, as I'm sure you do too

I died that night.

And so did you.

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