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lostinmymind •Wandering around in a world of mystery•
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A poem on our reality.

Mirror Image

What's the difference between monsters and humans?

Aren't we one and the same?

After all, can't people be monsters?

And monsters humane?

Maybe monsters don't exist,

Perhaps it's all in our heads

The monster in the closet

And the monster under the bed

Maybe our perception of monsters is just wrong

Perhaps the biggest monsters walk among us in the hall

The politician who values money despite the universal song

The rapist who thinks he's entitled to it all

Maybe the parents who neglect their kids too

Perhaps even those that drink and then abuse

Those who without reason decide to sue

The filthiest monsters may be the ones that kill then accuse

These are just some of the monsters that lurk

So tell me again why I should be afraid of the ones in the dark

The scariest of monsters stand proud, laugh, cry, and smirk

All in broad daylight and not a single dog will bark

The monster with many eyes or the one with four legs

I almost want to call them my friends

Because the creepiest of monsters were once human beings

It makes me wonder if the person in the mirror...

Will be next monster the next monster that I see

It makes me wonder if the next monster will be me

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