Username and Password Drama
Username and Password Drama humor stories

lostinmydreams Delving deeper into the unknown
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We've all been up and down this road, and will probably be on it again soon.

Username and Password Drama

by LostInMyDreams

Every day most people use the Internet. We use it for research, to make purchases, for business, and for a number of other uses.

Most websites will require a username and a password to gain access to personal information.

This is the moment when my heart beings to race, and I feel like I may have mild amnesia.

Will I enter in the correct password? Do I even know my username?!

After several failed attempts of the wrong username and password combination, I finally give in to the "Forgot Username and Password" link

This link leads to more anxiety. Some websites have security questions I have to answer before they will RESET my password.

This will cause further delay, as I will have to create a new password. (That's IF I can answer the security question(s).) This password will have to meet the following requirements:

48 characters, 3 symbols (excluding!? (,) One symbol HAS to be ¿, can not include consecutive letters, or numbers, no patterns, no previously used passwords,

all numbers must be easily divisible by 3, no vowels before the letter "G" can be used,

and no part of your cell phone number, name, birthday, social security number, or mother's maiden name may be used in creating your new password.

Good luck!

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