The Big Day: A Success Story
The Big Day: A Success Story  humor stories

lostinmydreams Delving deeper into the unknown
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My writing prompt for the day is "Successful". Here is my story

The Big Day: A Success Story

by LostInMyDreams

The team had practiced for months for this moment.

Some practices were long and didn't always go according to plan.

However, this group of ladies were persistent, determined, and always learned from their mistakes.

The next practice would yield less mistakes. The following practice was pretty much flawless.

This made the ladies confident in their game. Their skills, talents, and individual strengths have been honed.

Today they would take it all. Today they would take the gold Today they would win big. Today they would be undefeated.

It's game time. The ladies are present and ready for a clean sweep.

Dressed in their black uniforms they exit the team van with their bags. They open the doors and it's all eyes on them.

The nervous looks on the opponents' faces fueled the ladies with even more energy.

It was even better than they had practiced! They executed every play flawlessly. The speed, the precision, and teamwork made this win look effortless.

The ladies are pumped and filled with adrenaline as they depart from the city.

They had done it.

They were successful at pulling of the biggest bank robbery in history!

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