Returning to My First Love

LostInMyDreamsDelving deeper into the unknown
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Here is my second attempt to the Freestyle Challange. Here you go @darklyloved.

Returning to My First Love

by LostInMyDreams

As I travel down the winding road through the trees and along the river, I begin to think about the events of yesterday.

Yesterday started with a train ride first thing in the morning. I was happy to be leaving the big city.

I would be back home in West Virginia with cool breezes and clear skies at night. I would be back to the simple life of sitting outside each night stargazing.

My days will be filled with sunny cool walks through the forest and picnic lunches at mom's house.

I can't wait to make it back to the cabin by the lake that my sister, Kara, and I rent.

Traveling for my job has made me miss so much about home. The thing I miss the most is sitting out by the lake admiring the serene water and mountainous background.

The train pulls up to the train station and Kara is there waiting on me. I tell her all about my trip on the ride back to the cabin. Once we arrive, I notice our yard is filled with cars.

I open the door to the cabin and my family has gathered around in the living room. I began to cry. My tears fell like a waterfall. I had been gone so long. I missed my family more than I knew.

I was finally back home. Back to the beautiful hills and mountain. I was back to being outdoors where I could watch the sunset and stargaze every night.

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@bernardtwindwil Thanks for the comment! I actually just wrote based on the images on each page. I had no idea what the next page would be so it was a little difficult. But, I'm glad that it flows as if I did think about it before I wrote it.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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This is a beautiful free flow of emotions. You obviously put a great deal of thought and emotions into this before you even thought about writing it. Great poem!!!!