Leslie's Wrath
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lostinmydreamsDelving deeper into the unknown
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This story was originally posted on my blog in April 2014.

Leslie's Wrath

by LostInMyDreams

Every morning it's the same thing: wake up, shower, put on gym clothes, brush teeth, throw hair in a quick ponytail, and head out to the gym with protein shake in hand.

But today something was different. December 1, 2013, it was a cloudy, Sunday morning. Not that that was anything to be alarmed about.

Neither were the droplets of rain that began to fall on Corrine's black Nissan Altima. No, it was something else. Something different.

Something different that Corrine Taylor would soon find out.

She could sense that something was not right about the day, and almost went back into her 2 bedroom cottage style home.

The home she had bought when she first moved to Baton Rouge from New Orleans. A home which symbolized new beginnings and fresh starts.

New Orleans, Louisiana was Corrinne's home for all of her life until earlier that year when she made the eighty mile interstate drive to her new home.

Corrinne's job in wireless sales was the cause for the move. Odyssey Wireless was the top wireless provider in the country and had been opening new locations in booming markets.

Baton Rouge was one of those, and required some experienced sales reps to help get the store's sales rolling.

Being a senior sales rep made Corrine the perfect candidate to join the new Baton Rouge location.

Everything had been going well since the move in March. Corrine was settled in her new home.

Her commissions had nearly doubled in her new market, she purchased a new car, and had more new friends than she could have expected. However, something just wasn't right about this dreary Sunday

As Corrine gets in her car and starts the car with the Push to Start feature she was thrilled to have, Rhianna's "Broken Dishes" blares from the car's speakers.

She quickly turned the volume down to zero in her attempt to recover from being startled by her previous jam session the night before.

Corrinne enjoyed turning her music up extra loud when she got off from work, but always regretted it in the morning when the volume scared her into a mini heart attack.

After a few deep breaths and some laughs, Corrinne changes from CD to Radio and slowly increases the volume. 96.1 is on the dial, and a commercial plays throughout the car. Nope.

She changes the station to 94.1, the latest from 2 Chainz is playing. Nope. 102.5 is her next stop. She decides that local radio talk was better than what she had gone through so far.

Two radio personalities were talking about something as Corrine's phone rings. "I'll answer it later." She thought. I need to get to the gym.

Before backing out of her driveway she turns the volume up so she could hear the conversation on air,

"...depression 11 has formed in the Gulf of Mexico and is strengthening as we speak. The National Hurricane Center had been eyeing this system for development throughout the night.

No one expected it to strengthen at such an alarming rate.

With temperatures being unseasonably warm for December, this thing has a great chance of becoming a named storm within the next twenty-four to fourty-eight hours. We'll keep you posted."

Corrine thought to herself, "It's December 1st! Hurricane Season ended yesterday!! This is so unreal."

To be continued...

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