Ghostly Giggle: Part One
Ghostly Giggle:
Part One suspense stories

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Are we ever really alone?

Ghostly Giggle: Part One

by OhHowRandom

As Hailey sat on her bed reading "Moonlit Ally", a book she recently picked up from a local bookstore, she decided to take a break from reading to call her parents.

Hailey's mom and dad were out of town for the weekend, and tonight is the first night she would be home alone in her sixteen years of existence.

She leaves a message on her dad's voicemail, and heads to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Hailey returns to her room, plops down on her bed and picks up her book to dive back into the fictitious world created from her book.

(phone vibrating) "Hello? " "Hi Sweetie, how's everything at home?" "Everything's great, mom! I have been so into this book, I completely lost track of time! "

"What are you reading?" "Moonlit Ally, that new book by Rick Houseman." "I heard that's a real page turner. I will have to read it when we get back home. Well, I was just returning your call"

"Your dad said you called. I can see everything is fine, so one of us will call you in the morning."

"Ok mom. Sounds great. Tell Dad I said hi, bye and goodnight!" "I will. Goodnight Sweetie." "Goodnight Mom."

As Hailey hangs up with her mom, she hears a faint giggle in the hallway. She becomes very still and quiet. I must be hearing things, she thought.

Hailey ignored the sound she may or may not have heard, shrugged it off and decided she had read enough for the night.

She pulled back the covers on her bed, and nestled beneath the layers of sheets and blankets. She turned off her lamp and, closed her eyes.

Just as Hailey is falling asleep, she hears the giggle again. This time it wasn't faint at all, and it wasn't in the hall. This time it was obvious that Hailey was not home alone after all.

Hailey laid very still in bed. Frozen. Frozen with fear. There it was again. The same giggle, but this time she was able to locate the sound. It was coming from her closet.

Should I get up? Should I lay here and die from being frozen with fear? Will this ghostly giggle kill me if I get up? Hell, will it kill me if I stay in this bed?

Ughhhh!!! C'mon Hailey think!!! You are sixteen acting like you are six, get a grip! Ok... I'm going to get up. No one is here...just me.

After a moment of mentally debating with herself, Hailey finally got the courage to turn on the lamp and get out of bed. Once again she hears the giggle as clearly as she hears herself breathing

Frozen mid step, her breathing was decreased as she was paralyzed with fear.

What am I doing? Why did I get up? This is real life girl, not a book!! I should have called the cops. I don't even have a weapon. Why didn't I call the cops?!

After another self debate,Hailey walks slowly towards her closet. Her legs shaking beneath her. Her chest tightening with each step. She gulps with each breath. When did my bed get so far away?

Finally, she reaches the door. The giggle begins again. It is now one continues ghostly giggle seeping through the crack between the two closet doors.

All fear a side, Hailey grabs each door handle, flings the doors wide open, and screams loudly into the closet with her eyes tightly shut. The giggle continues, but now errupts into laughter.

Hailey opens her eyes and to her surprise, she finds ...

To be continued.

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