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lostinmydreams Delving deeper into the unknown
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Is total control really worth the price?

Fait Accompli

by LostInMyDreams

Most people don't wake up in the morning knowing EXACTLY how their day will unfold. Well, I'm not most people. My name is Alyssa, and I have total control over how my day goes.

While most people are dreaming while sleeping, I am putting together tomorrow.

There is just one problem with this special "gift". I have to terminate one person before I go back to sleep to create my tomorrow.

Now when I say "terminate", I don't mean fire or let someone go from my life. I literally mean terminate. You know, as in put an end to one's life.

Now I bet you're a bit confused. Let me explain.

It all started on a hot and humid summer day in a small town along a little known bayou in Louisiana.

I began that morning griping about the weather the minute I stepped outside and my hair instantly frizzed up and my skin immediately began to glisten with sweat. I cursed Summer!

My neighbor, Mrs. Langlois, was outside sipping her coffee and judging people as she religiously did every morning. She heard me despise the season and beelined straight towards me.

My neighbor, Mrs. Langlois, was outside sipping her coffee and judging people as she religiously did every morning. She heard me despise the season and beelined straight towards me.

"Well, good morning young lady. What's got you a cussin' so early in the day?"

I really wasn't in the mood to deal with "The Mouth of the South" so I just decided to tell the truth and let her get back to playing judge and jury with the rest of the neighborhood.

"Good morning! I'm just disgusted with this heat and humidity. That's all. " "Well young lady, if you don't like it do something about it!", replied Mrs. Langlois.

At this point I'm convinced she wasn't JUST drinking coffee. What on God's green Earth was I supposed to do to cancel Summer? Hell, I couldn't even dodge my Public Investigator neighbor!

"Well, Mrs. Langlois you and I both know that's impossible. I'll just deal with it like I've been doing for all 21 years of my life."

Mrs. Langlois grasped my right hand in her Little Old Lady hands, looked me dead in my eyes, and said, "Fait Accompli." She then lowered my hand, and said, "Make it a good one, young lady!"

And just like that Neighborhood Watch was marching back to her perch to resume her routine snooping. I was already thirty minutes behind schedule for the day, so I got in my car and left.

Disturbed by Mrs. Langlois' little performance back at my house, I decided I would Google "Fait Accompli".

I grabbed my cell from the passenger seat and Googled the words that were strangely uttered by my eavesdropping neighbor.

Caught up in what my search yielded, I wasn't paying attention to the road and slammed right into the car in front of me. Damn!

After dealing with the police, repair shops, my insurance company, and my guilt, I was done for the day. I drove my damaged car into my driveway and went straight into my house.

Something was off. Where was Tammy Talkalot? She should have greeted me at my door to tell me about the wreck I caused. Oh well, it's better she didn't. I had no more energy for her.

Awaken from my slumber I noticed my house was cooler than it usually is during the summer. I grabbed another blanket and went back to sleep.

The next day I wake up ready to fight with the heat and humidity. I made sure my hair was in a nice frizz resistant bun and headed out the door.

As I walked outside, I immediately froze. What the hell? The cool crisp autumn air whipped against my exposed skin. The leaves crunched under my flip flops. Those same leaves were brown.

Brown like the trees that stood before me. I looked around me and fall was in full bloom!

My confusion was interrupted by a little voice that belonged to my overly layered meddlesome neighbor, Mrs. Langlois. She was making her way over...AGAIN! I stood there and just waited.

"Good morning, young lady! I hope you are enjoying the weather." Ok so now I KNEW I was not the only one who was seeing and feeling fall. "Good morning Mrs. Langlois. I am enjoying it. "

"That's great dear, enjoy your day. And make it a good one." She made her way back home and left me even more confused. I looked at my phone to check for news about this weather.

But I was met with other news, rather strange news. The guy whose car I wrecked was dead.

There it was in black and white. "Local Marine, Pvt. Keith Fontaine, Died While Fighting For His Country Overseas."

How was that possible? He has been home for months. I accidentally ran into the back of his car yesterday. None of this was making any sense.

‪I ran back towards my house and it just hit me. My damaged car was no longer damaged.

I felt everything spinning around me. I was so confused I thought I was going to faint. I went in the house and sat down on the sofa. What was going on?

I ran over to Mrs. Langlois' house. She was outside as I expected. "Mrs. Langlois, we need to talk!", I demanded. She smiled proudly, then nonchalantly replied, "I know."

To be continued...

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