Existing Amongst The Living
Existing Amongst The Living sad stories

lostinmydreams Delving deeper into the unknown
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Some of us live...some of us merely exist.

Existing Amongst The Living

By: LostInMyDreams

“Life is worth living.” Life IS worth living. I simply don’t know how to make MY life worth living.

“You should enjoy life.”


Everywhere there are people who are so beautiful... so sexy... so smart... so talented... so accomplished... and so confident.

I struggle with finding enjoyment in life. Every aspect of life is a competition.

I constantly step away from social media, because I am consumed with jealousy. Jealous of my friends and family who are appearing to enjoy life.

Maybe they are...maybe they aren’t. Who knows?? What I do know is, I become depressed and jealous when I see their photos and videos.

*Look how beautiful her hair still is.* *I wish I wasn’t losing my hair.* *She is still thin and and extremely beautiful.* *Why am I so overweight? Why am I not beautiful?*

Since suicide is not an option... I will wake up and exist each day. My life isn’t worth living, therefore I’m just existing.

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