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lostinmydreams Delving deeper into the unknown
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No GIFs. No photos. Just words. Just a letter to people who don’t understand the mind of a suicidal person.

Dear They

“People who commit suicide are selfish.” -They

I believe THEY are the selfish ones.

If I remain here only one of us hurts. You continue living your life while I’m alone...

crying in the bathroom because I have social anxiety and no one understands.

anxious because I don’t know how to save my relationship from further damage.

angered because my physical appearance is unacceptable.

tired of being depressed, angry, nervous and sad.

Where are THEY when I am clinging to my vices just to make it through the day?

Where are THEY when I am constantly being gut punched by life?

Where are THEY when I simply can’t handle life?


Dear They, Don’t call suicidal people selfish. I’m sure most people who are struggling to make it in life are thinking about the people in their lives.

THEY, if you really care, you will have to stand in the trenches with us. You will have to stay up late with us. You will have to cry with us. You will have to be there with us as if we were a new born baby unable to care for itself.

THEY, I’m sure you don’t have that kind of time. I’m sure you don’t have the time to help us. I’m sure you won’t dig in your pockets and pay for our therapy. I’m sure you won’t do whatever it takes to help us.

People who commit suicide are broken. They are overwhelmed with pain.

But people who commit suicide are NOT selfish. -Me

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