Cotton Candy Stairs
Cotton Candy Stairs
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lostinmydreams Delving deeper into the unknown
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A love poem about two hearts that are always together even though they are apart. This poem was inspired by the photography of @bugg_Marley.

Cotton Candy Stairs

by LostInMyDreams

Today is not yesterday, but I really wish it could be. It was the last time I saw you, before you had to leave me.

We sat there in silence around unapproved stares. We sat there in silence on those cotton candy stairs.

I went to college, graduated, got a career, and all that stuff. They think you're a failure, you need to get a real job and grow up.

We've been best friends and a couple since high school. I've always loved your music and thought you were cool.

While I was away and you pursued your music. You waited for my return, even though it wasn't quick

Now that you've gone to sing for the whole world. You finally made it, and I will forever be your girl.

As I sit here in silence around unapproved stares. I sit here in silence on these cotton candy stairs.

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