But Why?
But Why?  neighbors stories

lostinmydreams Delving deeper into the unknown
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This is a quick fun rant. I wrote this just because part of this rant literally just happened. Enjoy! lol!

But Why?

by LostInMyDreams

Why do you have to be outside at 10:50pm arguing with this woman, that man, and your mama?

Why do you ALWAYS have to be outside? I'm talking morning, noon, and night. Nobody wants to see that much of anybody!

Why must you play your music at a volume that exceeds every legal decibel law?

Why do you have to make so much noise when you do everything you do?

Why do you have to attempt to hold conversation with me whenever I step foot outside of my house?

Newsflash!!! I'm an introvert. I don't like small talk. And most importantly I don't like YOU!

Why do you have to be my neighbor? Ughh!!

But why?

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