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lostinmydreams Delving deeper into the unknown
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This poem is for everyone who has a dream unfulfilled. It is for everyone who pressed PAUSE or STOP on their dreams. It's time to press PLAY and make it happen!


by LostInMyDreams

Blank stares Blank faces Blank checks Blank pages

My mind went blank just as I was about to speak. No words came out, but there was no one to see. Speechless and speech-less, being so unprepared. No one would witness, because no one had cared.

My mind is full and I'm not holding back. I say all the things on it, be it fiction or fact.

I feel I'm doing great, but that's not what the case is. Just a small crowd of blank stares and blank faces.

Blank stares Blank faces Blank checks Blank pages

All of their books are selling. They'll be classics for ages. While I just sit here with my pen and blank pages.

Blank checks, book deals, and fans it's outrageous. And I'm just here with my pen and blank pages.

Empty crowds and being misunderstood. My audience targeting skills just wasn't that good.

Now my pen is moving. I have book deals and fans on deck. My books are sold out, and now I ...have a blank check!

Never give up on your dreams! You will get rejected while others succeed. Don't ever let that stop you from creating and doing what you dream.

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