Childhood Nightmare
Childhood Nightmare blacklive stories

lostblackchild Community member
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Living life in confusion and fear.. Wondering why God brung me here

Childhood Nightmare

Molested at a very young age I didn't know if it was right or wrong

Left with all this pain and scars but I gotta stay strong

My childhood was the worst

Had love from majority of my fam, but some treated me like dirt

My own brother was even tryna lift up my skirt at church

And if I ever said a word I would just end up being hurt

I kept my mouth shut closed for years

Just continued to lay in my bed with a waterfall of tears

As I watched my father drown his soul in cigarettes and beer

Im just a little girl living in so much pain and fear

But momma told me I gotta stay strong through it all

Tryna distract my mind by playing with these white barbie dolls

Really I just wanna punch a hole through the fuckin wall

I get on my knees every night and pray to the one above us all

He's always there when I call

I just hope this pain will fade away once and for all

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