You were my last hope
You were my last hope scars stories

lostangelCommunity member
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You were my last hope

What happened to us? Everything you said, I don't trust, Leave if you must, My heart has already been crushed

It's too late to save me, I'm too far gone, I just want to be free, I may not be here at dawn

I'm hard to love, I know I won't blame you if you go, You put on a great show, Did you have to hurt me though?

I know I'm not worth it, And I quit, I can't go on, I wish I was gone

You were my last hope, You helped me cope, I've gone back to my old ways, I haven't felt good in days

I've stared to do it again, And the old scars will remain, There will be new scars, And I'll be crying, looking at the stars

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