Used to be friends
Used to be friends sad stories

lostangel Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   5 years ago

Used to be friends

by lostangel

3 years is a long time, I know, But I hope we're still friends though, I check my messages hoping you said "hello"

We were so close back then, I was hoping we could be like that again, I just don't know when

I get so nervous when messaging you, After everything we've been through, Everything about me, you knew

I don't even remember the colour of your eyes, It is funny how time flies, I hope we're friends at sunrise

I still remember the last time we spoke, That was the day my heart broke, I wished it was just some sick joke

But then I saw you walk away, I begged you to stay, I wish I could forget that day

We used to be best friends, But there were just too many bends, That's where our story ends

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