Used to be friends
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lostangelA girl who thought she was loved
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Used to be friends

by lostangel

3 years is a long time, I know, But I hope we're still friends though, I check my messages hoping you said "hello"

We were so close back then, I was hoping we could be like that again, I just don't know when

I get so nervous when messaging you, After everything we've been through, Everything about me, you knew

I don't even remember the colour of your eyes, It is funny how time flies, I hope we're friends at sunrise

I still remember the last time we spoke, That was the day my heart broke, I wished it was just some sick joke

But then I saw you walk away, I begged you to stay, I wish I could forget that day

We used to be best friends, But there were just too many bends, That's where our story ends

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
5 months agoReply
I would call this "An Ode from a Stalker" this reflects such a deeply troubled psyche. You hauled the reader into that deep desperation with your wording and verse arrangement. This was very well written. It is as deep and darkly foreboding as something by Poe. This cimmerian poem is in keeping with Irish maudlinism of St. Patrick's day. Great writing!!!!!