They argued again
They argued again sad stories

lostangel Community member
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just something that happened last night

They argued again

by lostangel

The night was the same until the clock struck 3:30am. I was listening to music then i heard it

"why'd you fucking cheat on me?" i heard my step dad yell. I took out my earphones and I wish I didn't. They thought i was sleeping, but even if i was they're loud enough i would i have woken up

i sat up and listened to them for 2 hours. He was drunk and i thought he was going to hurt me and my mother. i started crying and i couldn't stop. this happens every week.

i had no idea what to do. my mother did nothing wrong. he stormed off into his room and my mother was left in the lounge-room crying while i was in bed crying.

sometimes i wish my mother had never met him. he makes me want to harm myself

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